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Video Services

Creatively Driven Videos

Whether its purpose is to educate, sell – or brand build, ultimately a video needs to grab attention and tell a story. We help clients concept, script, and develop their video projects along every stage of the creative process. At Ensemble Creative, we align with several Twin City based videographers – each with their own areas of expertise – allowing us to provide true value to our clients.

Buzz Cafe Video by
Lakeville CVB Videos by

Be Seen

Where are folks seeing you? Sure, there’s YouTube and Cable TV, but don’t forget the tremendous opportunities found in Live Streaming TV and Online Video. Ensemble is dedicated to helping you grab a targets’ attention — and keep it

• Repurpose video across multiple platforms
• Targeted geographic locations (community, ZIP code Etc.)
• Budget-friendly vs over the air and cable options

Have a Purpose Story

We know that people prefer authentic and relevant content, over “slicked up” perfection. At Ensemble, we take what we do very seriously – while having fun along the way in helping: 

• Small to Medium-Sized Businesses
• Non-Profit Organizations
• Events
• Video Customer Testimonials

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